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API Facade Pattern

A Simple Interface to a Complex System

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As the API and apps economy continues to evolve, a design problem arises for API designers when internal systems are too complex to expose directly to app developers. The goal of an API Facade Pattern is to articulate those internal systems and make them useful and consumable by app developers. This e-book examines the API Facade design pattern – what it is, why it's important, and best practices for crafting one so that you can offer a comprehensive view of what the API looks like from the perspective of the app developer.

  • Patterns and anti-patterns 
  • Designing for errors, versioning, data formats, and other common use cases 
  • Technology for common design patterns
  • Beyond the technology - people and agility

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The e-book Web API Design from @Apigee is a joy to read, thanks Brian @landlessness

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Wow, used @apigee for 5 minutes and I am hooked. Nicely done and more importantly - Needed! Props to them

Today's Read: "Web API Design" concise yet solid e-book on best design practices from @Apigee bit.ly/ISWkEo

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