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API: A Profit Interface

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What's Inside?

Innovators can change themselves rapidly when new opportunities present themselves. But you don't have to change everything to leverage APIs to create new channels, customer experiences, distribution networks and profit streams.

  • What is an API?  
  • How do the three types of APIs grow your business? 
  • How do you drive business success with APIs? 
  • What are  3 rules for getting started now? 
  • Is there an "API Cookbook" for getting started?

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The e-book Web API Design from @Apigee is a joy to read, thanks Brian @landlessness

Mike Rowan

Wow, used @apigee for 5 minutes and I am hooked. Nicely done and more importantly - Needed! Props to them

Today's Read: "Web API Design" concise yet solid e-book on best design practices from @Apigee bit.ly/ISWkEo

Mark Koester


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Leveraging APIs to Grow your Business