APIs are Different than Integration eBook
APIs and IT Rationalization
Cost avoidance and cost savings for enterprise IT
Meeting the demands of a fast evolving, agile, responsive enterprise requires more intelligent ways to achieve goals. This, in turn, requires finding ways to remove unnecessary spend from IT budgets and freeing dollars for innovation.

Several necessary and unnecessary costs are distributed throughout a typical enterprise architecture. In this eBook, we explore how an API, because of its privileged position in the architecture, can reduce or eliminate costs.
  • APIs in modern enterprise architecture
  • Complexities and challenges of IT architecture
  • Exposure and consumption: An architectural secret weapon
  • Strategy for IT cost rationalization

The e-book Web API Design from @Apigee is a joy to read, thanks Brian @landlessness
Today's Read: "Web API Design" concise yet solid e-book on best design practices from @Apigee bit.ly/ISWkEo
Mark Koester
Wow, used @apigee for 5 minutes and I am hooked. Nicely done and more importantly - Needed! Props to them
Mike Ryan
What's inside?