APIs: The New Marketing Platform. Five things every CMO should know about APIs
APIs: The New Marketing Platform
Five things every CMO should know about APIs
APIs power all digital marketing channels and the apps we use today. They’re how businesses exchange data with partners and participate in digital ecosystems. APIs are a window on your company’s digital assets, exposing them so developers and partners can build mobile apps and become part of your innovation engine. They're the business technology that brings the CIO and the CMO together.
  • Be where your customers are
  • Partnering for digital network effects
  • Innovation outside your box
  • Survival of the fastest

The e-book Web API Design from @Apigee is a joy to read, thanks Brian @landlessness
Today's Read: "Web API Design" concise yet solid e-book on best design practices from @Apigee bit.ly/ISWkEo
Mark Koester
Wow, used @apigee for 5 minutes and I am hooked. Nicely done and more importantly - Needed! Props to them
Mike Ryan
What's inside?