The State of APIs in Retail

An Apigee Report

Real API data to drive your digital retail strategy.

Digital commerce drives nearly 23% of retail industry revenue today, while nine out of ten retailers are boosting their spending on mobile solutions powered by APIs.

But what does this mean to your digital commerce API program? 

The State of APIs in Retail report, which analyzes the hundreds of billions of API calls we see in the Apigee cloud, offers:

  • digital commerce use cases and API blueprints
  • API patterns across varying levels of digital maturity
  • specific API blueprints from real retailers

This detailed new report is built on data from hundreds of customers (including 30 retailers from around the world) across our global network of 24 data centers. Download it now, and gain access to the Apigee Benchmark for Digital Commerce to learn how your API program stacks up against those of leading retailers.