Top three wins from accelerated digital business
Top three wins from accelerated digital business
Improved customer experience, efficient business processes, new business models
Something massive is happening to the way businesses serve customers, employees, and partners. The focal point of computing power is shifting from the server room to the smartphone, tablet or wearable device, and this presents businesses with the opportunity—and the imperative—to develop new experiences that are crafted specifically for these mobile devices. We call it “digital transformation”—the evolution businesses go through to add a digital dimension to the experiences of their customers, employees, and partners.

  • Improving customer experiences
  • Transforming business processes
  • Building new business models

The e-book Web API Design from @Apigee is a joy to read, thanks Brian @landlessness
Today's Read: "Web API Design" concise yet solid e-book on best design practices from @Apigee
Mark Koester
Wow, used @apigee for 5 minutes and I am hooked. Nicely done and more importantly - Needed! Props to them
Mike Ryan
What's inside?