I ♥ APIs Coders Workshop

2 days of cutting-edge, hands-on learning for $99!

Discount code: WORKSHOP

November 5-6 at Fort Mason, San Francisco

A 2-day training course to learn everything you need to know to build your first mobile app with HTML5, PhoneGap, jQuery & Apigee!

As taken by over 3,000 people in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Austin, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and more!

All the software & services we’ll use in the class are free — most of them are even open-source

Build an App Store-ready app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, with industry standard technologies such as HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap and an API Backend. Join us for an exclusive 2-day hands-on workshop at I Love APIs 2013. The training will run continuously for 2 days, but your ticket also gives you access to the I ♥ APIs 2013 Conference, including keynotes and parties


Enter code: WORKSHOP — seats are limited to 100!

On Day 1, you will learn:

  • How to build interactive mobile apps using standard tools such as HTML5 and jQuery (2 hours)
  • How to read/write live data in your app with an API Backend (2 hours)
  • How to deploy your application native for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more using PhoneGap (1 hours)

On Day 2, you will learn:

  • Activating device features such as geolocation, push notifications and the camera (15–20 minutes each)
  • Building APIs to support your app (1 hour)
  • How to integrate rich media, complex user models or social features (1 hour)

Instead of sitting in watching presentations, come and build a world-class app with us at the conference. All you’ll need for the class is a laptop — all the software we’ll use during the workshop is free: XCode / Android Studio, node.js, PhoneGap, jQuery, a web browser and a text editor! (We’ll send full installation instructions ahead of the class.)