Create a Digital Strategy
Course Code: WDS.14w-101
Start Date: February 19, 2014
Duration: 4 weeks
Estimated Effort: 1-3 hours / week
Prerequisites: None
About the Course:

The digital economy is driving a sea change in the traditional ways that enterprises interact with partners and customers. To be competitive in today's digital world, companies must conceive a strategy that encompasses business goals, competitive strengths, and comprehensive digital engagements to establish a long-term position, and turn the digital world into a business opportunity. In this course, you will learn how to build a strategy to innovate and drive real business results in the digital world.

About the Instructors:

Michael Leppitsch
Michael has dedicated his career to innovating inside enterprises, managing change, harnessing and making sense of big data, and adopting transformational technology for business success. At Apigee, Michael works with major enterprise customers that are recognizing the opportunities the App Economy holds to leapfrog the market, and, in turn, make their services ubiquitous across hundreds of partners and thousands of software developers.

John Rethans
John applies the experience he's gained across roles in Product Innovation, Strategy, and Education to work with Apigee's major enterprise customers supporting their efforts to develop and implement new business and organizational strategies as they embark on their Digital Transformation journeys..

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