Create and Manage APIs
Course Code: WAPI.14w-101
Start Date: February 6, 2014
Duration: 7 weeks
Estimated Effort: 2-4 hours / week
Prerequisites: None
About the Course:

From strategy to execution to ongoing maintenance, including best practices and practical application, this course will give your API team the tools and information they need to get the most out of the Apigee API Platform. Walk away with the latest thinking, the tools and know-how to create, manage and scale APIs that are the building blocks for cutting-edge apps in today’s digital world.

About the Instructors:

Michael Bissell
Michael designs, implements and delivers Apigee’s worldwide live training program. Michael’s 20+ year career in Internet Technologies has combined innovations in advertising, production, technical services, and project management to create new products and emerging technologies for Global Fortune 500 clients. Watch Michael's intro to the course.

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