Develop an App
Course Code: WAPP.13f-101
Start Date: December 10, 2013
Duration: 8 weeks
Estimated Effort: 2-4 hours / week
Prerequisites: A laptop: minimum OS requirements are Mac OS X 10.5.8, Windows XP, or any linux that supports JDK6
About the Course:

Learn how to build state-of-the-art web and mobile apps that will garner 5-star ratings and reputation using industry standard technologies such as HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap and an API Backend. In this class we will review the important mobile features of HTML5 & JavaScipt. You will learn how to use a mobile UI framework (jQuery Mobile), how to add app features with a Backend-as-a-Service (open-source Usergrid) and how to deploy your app to devices natively using PhoneGap.
It would be helpful if you had a basic understanding of HTML & CSS and some programming experience (ideally in JavaScript and jQuery, but not necessarily) prior to taking this course but it is not necessary. We recommend that you go through the following Codecademy lessons to brush up before starting this course: classes 1–3 of the Web course, classes 1–6 of the JavaScript course and classes 1–5 of the jQuery course.

About the Instructors:

Tim Anglade
Tim is Head of Developer Programs for Apigee. In previous lives he was the CTO of a small startup, a graduate school lecturer, and an invited expert at the W3C. Tim has spoken about app development around the world, from OSCON to Oredev & GoGaRuco, and met with mobile app developers from Silicon Valley to Seoul. He most recently gave this training in a live format in San Francisco, San Jose, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Austin and Denver. You can find him on Twitter as @timanglade.

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