Using Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions in a Digital Ecosystem
Using Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions in a Digital Ecosystem
Course Code: WA.14w-101
Estimated Effort: 3 hours
Prerequisites: None
About the Course:

As businesses in today’s mobile-first digital world interact with partners, developers, and internal resources through app experiences and APIs, the number of sources of useful data has exploded. Success for enterprises requires end-to-end visibility across your entire digital value chain - from the backend, to the APIs that expose data and services, to the developers and apps that consume your APIs and build the customer experiences. Whether you are a product manager, app developer, API developer, or API operations engineer, this course is designed to help you identify the metrics you should track for business and operational success of your API program, and gain an understanding of the analytics capabilities of Apigee Edge.

About the Instructors:

Abhi Rele
Abhi Rele is the product marketing lead for Analytics and Insights at Apigee. Prior to joining Apigee, Abhi led Big Data and analytics product efforts for Magento, an eBay company. Before eBay, Abhi worked at Microsoft Tellme and Oracle, leading the marketing and delivery of CRM, enterprise software, e-commerce, and customer care products. Abhi also advised clients in retail, high-tech and transportation industries on business and operations strategies at A.T. Kearney.

Kumar Srivastava
Kumar Srivastava is the Product Management Lead for Apigee Insights and Apigee Analytics products at Apigee. Before Apigee, he was at Microsoft where he worked on several different products such as Bing, Online Safety, Hotmail Anti-Spam and PC Safety and Security services. Prior to Microsoft, he was at Columbia University working as a graduate researcher in areas such as VOIP Spam, Social Networks and Trust, Authentication & Identity Management systems.

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